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Hannah Cassard

"Had a fabulous time on the Couchsurfing Diamond Moon tour this year! The scenery was beautiful, and the trip was extremely well organized. In addition to paddling, we had time for all kinds of games and activities: meta, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, archery, swimming, campfires, and card games, to name just a few! So much fun :) Made many friends whom I hope to stay in touch with, tried new hungarian food (delicious), and even learned a few phrases in hungarian. I highly recommend this tour, and if possible will be back next year! Thank you Zsolt and all of the Evezz Velem tour guides :)"


Ahava Shmaiai

"Thank you for this immaculate trip! Fun!! Well-organized, fits to everyone's capabilities, it was really an AWESOME adventure!
Thank you and your wonderfull crew!"

Ahava Shmaiai from Izrael

Michel Wilwert

"Give me a "W"...Give me an "O"...Give me another "W"... What do we get ?
!!! WOW !!!
Thanks a lot for that incredible journey. A journey to another world.... a world full of magnificient impressions... impressions; where simplicity, friendship, nature, positive physical and mental experiences... could have been experienced at its very best. To me you comprehend all these notions, you really live than. And the most wonderful thing is that you were able to transmit these very precious impressions to us: CouchSurfers. For that I do thank you a lot!! Thanks for your energy. See you next year in a boat!"

Michel Wilwert from Luxembourg


"The CS canoe trip was one of the highlights of my summer 2009 and also of my history as being a CouchSurfer! What a great and adventurous way to be outside of city life and to just enjoy, observe, feel, and listen to the nature and the self.
During those paddling days - eating together, drinking together, laughing together, singing together, swimming together, sunbathing together, relaxing together, playing together, and experiencing together with the rest of the CS people - those things managed to create a small family, a small and friendly nomadic family in such a short period of time :-)"

Rasmus from Estonia

Aimee Lewis

"Thanks a lot Zsolt for showing us all a really great week! I had high expectations but they were exceeded by the fun and sun and friendship I encountered on the Danube. Loved every minute of this trip with all you wonderful people! Thanks for the organizing and every person there for making it a perfect vacation!"

Aimee Lewis, USA

Eric Guillou

"Thanks to everyone, this trip will be an unforgettable memory, once again. I can't believe i'm writing this right now, sitting in front of my office computer. Can't make my mind to work, I just want to paddle a bit more. Love you all guys! Can't wait to see the pictures...and of course, a BIG thank you and a massive hug to Zsolt and his team who managed to organize such a great week and at same time, found time to have fun with us. You rock guys!"

Eric Guillou, France

Joanne Turek

"Thaaaaaanks !! It was an amazing week guys !!! First thing i'll do at work now is to request holidays for the next tour. Zsolt and all the crew, you did an extraordinary good job, huge thanks for making it possible!"

Joanne Turek, Poland

Joris Amine

"How could we easily go back go work after sharing huge funshine? I had totally forgotten the sound of phone rings...and I already miss Hungarian paprikas. I really got used go eat some every day! Massive thanks to the organisers which made this come true. You offered us such a nice time, such a great occasion to meet wonderful people! Hopefully we'll manage to plan another meeting before next year's canoe trip. Thanks again to all of you."

Joris Amine, France

Sam Corless

"By far the highlight of last summer was the evezzvelem canoe trip. An amazing week on and off the river, from the long days in the boat to the long nights by the camp fire. I met some amazing people from across the world and left with a thousand fantastic memories. I unreservedly recommend a trip organised by Zsolt and the gang, I certainly hope to be back!"

Sam Corless from Great-Britain

Boros Andrea

"As I was expecting a Swedish visitor during the summer, I was looking for a really adventurous activity. I chose CouchSurfing Canoe Tour. To tell you the truth I had never done canoeing before so it hit me as a pleasant surprise when I was complimented after test-paddling on the first day. So I agreed to become a navigator - I can tell you it was tiring enough but a great challenge at the same time.
I only started to feel the lack of civilisation on the second day. It turned out that I had not prepared for the trip at all. I had no torch and half of my clothes were white (for one day only, of course). Due to this I could also experience the helpfulness of people I was surrounded by.
The company is worth praising a bit more. The following story speaks of all. We were sitting on a bench, with a boy and a girl in the second evening during dinner and somebody asked how many years we had known each other for. This period of time was less than 48 hours.
I made some very good friends there, even if I do not keep daily contact with all of them, the memory of that week binds us. The canoe battle, the evenings spent together at the campfire, playing csocsó (I learnt it there), jumping in the Danube and the list of better and better activities goes on. I can only recommend it to everyone. I am already looking forward to the next tour!"

Andrea Boros - CoucSurfer, medicine student from Hungary

Els Machiels

"One the tour I didn't expect luxury, but these guides made it as luxurious as possible for us! They worked around the clock to make sure everybody was safe, comfortable, feeling good and had a Hungarian :-) dinner (cooked on a fire).
I had a really good time! For me, as a nature lover, the best times were being on the river and around the fire in the evenings. All the talking, singing, playing, laughing made the trip complete and I felt like being on a summer camp for adults :-)!
It was the first time I canoed, although I didn't worry, they made sure everybody could paddle before the real tour started. And really, everybody could!
I paddled in Zsolt's boat and besides he is a born leader and organizer, he foresees things that could happen on a river but they don't happen because of his precaution. If you obey his rules of safety, nothing can happen. I'm sure! Another reason that he doesn't want any boat to turn, is maybe because he's the only water guide that doesn't like 'cold' water :-).The only thing I'm negative about is that these tours are 1300 km away! :-)
Thanks for this nice experience!"

Els Machiels from Belgium

Geiszl Zsófia

"I liked the environment because we visited beautiful places. The team was great and loyal. We played awesome games (killer's game, water battle, war of numbers etc.), thanks to our tour guides who were all very nice and cool. Everyone helped whenever they could and we always did something adventurous. While canoeing we also felt very good, all the time we were singing, competing, so we had a really good time. That is why I am going to this tour again next year."

Zsófia Geiszl - student from Hungary

Els Gabriels

"To me, the canoe tour was an awesome experience, as well as physically and emotionally! I liked the canoeing, loved the basic style of camping, adored the people. It was one of the best holidays of my life!!!"

Els Gabriels from Belgium

Imke Hünninger

"Went on the CouchSurfing Canou Tour and really had lots of fun! The trip was organized very well and the sites we stayed at were beautiful and diverse, too! Thanks a lot!"

Imke Hünninger from Germany

Gerdesits Pál

"On our first tour I knew hardly anyone, the age group was also varied and it was raining almost during the whole time. But paddling and 'living' together for a week turned us to a great team. We made friends with each other very fast.
On the second tour we exceeded the first one, regarding experiences. We had all the participants of the previous tour, plus there were newcomers, too. Paddling, singing at the campfire and the killer's game got us close together again.
Join us next year, you will not regret it!"

Pál Gerdesits - student from Hungary

Sebestyén Márta

"Dear Zsolt!
I am the mother of Szabolcs Phraner and am awfully happy that this kid came home so high from the tour. Thank you! He is in his teenage years, with hanging limbs and zero self-esteem so he is in great need of such tours that refresh him both physically and mentally. I could see he would have loved to go again, he couldn't stop praising it... Unfortunately I cannot swim although as a world-traveller performing artist I visited many seas, rivers and lakes. I keep mountains as my favourite!
It is fantastic that being a young man you have such experience, along with coolness, thirst of knowledge and sense of handling children - it can clearly be noticed! I wish that you will be able to fulfil all your nice plans and that you will be able to take our pale city-kids to the nature. The Lord give you power and strength to you for all this!
Wishing you good health, a mother who cannot swim but sing - Marta Sebestyén"

Márta Sebestyén - singer, the Ambassador of Hungarian Culture

Harkai Ákos

"On this canoe tour we were together with a class of pupils who were a year younger, and it was extraordinary for many other reasons too. First of all we had never paddled before, yet the three of us were put in one boat and we learnt to navigate and move at the same time in that way. As we received proper training we said hello to the trees and the reeds from close but we never hit them! We were the oldest, by the way, except for the teachers and the tour guides. The first couple of days we started to relax which wasn't easy because it is never simple to blend into two relatively closed groups. But we were still trying and we seemed to succeed pretty much. During the times of long paddling and days we succeeded even more, for example when we paddled next to each other and splashed on one another, or when we made dinner in the evening. Setting the camps up or apart belonged to the routine just as well as showering every second day. But after all we did not go there to shower nor to sleep!!! In the end we felt really good and none of us wanted to come home. We even discussed about paddling all the way to home to Budapest. Next time, because there is a next time!"

Ákos Harkai - student from Hungary

Claris Zalán

"Great fun. We did a lot of madness - with common sense. At last there is someone who chooses not only the stereotyped things as the center of the tour. Never stay alone - the KILLER will find you!"

Zalán Claris - student

Pénzes Lilla

"I liked it because it was exciting to sit in the canoe all day, to water battle and eat good food.
To put up the camp every day. To let myself be drifted by the river. I am going next year again!"

Lilla Pénzes - student from Hungary

Rátkai Zsófia

"Above all I am very happy that I took part in the tour, it was really great. I liked the route very much and the curves of Mosoni Danube. I am very glad our boat did not turn, and I also liked the members in our boat. The usual games, such as water battle and the killer's game were cool again. There were some new meals this time, too, for example fruity milk rice. Luckily the weather was fine as well, just as usually, only the last 500 metres gave us some rain pouring on us, but nobody was bothered by it."

Zsófia Rátkai - student from Hungary

Tóth Péter

"What do I enjoy the most on an Evezzvelem Tour? Perhaps the fact that I do not have to organize anything except to get to the railway station in the beginning. I wake up when they wake me, eat when they feed me, paddle when we want to tread and I sleep when I am tired. And all this for an entire week..."

Péter Tóth - parent from Hungary

Stenczinger Katalin

"The boat did not go on its own, so we got pleasantly tired every day. But it was a great experience with Zsolt and the team and with the fantastic tour guides. Closed in one boat all day is a great test of marriage, looking forward to the new test! Our eldest son has also been infected by water-life, he took up kayak training after our second canoe tour."

Katalin Stenczinger - parent from Hungary

Szabó Márk

"I had a good time because we played great games. My favourite was the paddling competition, where you could win a chocolate bar as a prize."

Márk Szabó - student from Hungary

Szigeti Dóra

"It was great, because the group was huge, we were constantly travelling somewhere, to the unknown where we had never been. The company was awfully cool, it is wonderful to sing songs every night by the campfire. Zsolt and the others do their best. (Applause now!)
Of course I am not trying to coax anyone... Dawns are cold (in the middle of September), food is not from the Hilton, but good enough.
So if you expect to sleep in a hotel and have all-you-can-eat breakfast, I do not recommend this tour (although it is all-you-can-eat). I think you are smart enough to happily to take part anyway as you will only have positive experiences. I can assure you about that.
This was a real tour with superb experiences. I will never forget that September week."

Dóra Szigeti - student from Hungary</p>

Homlok Dániel

"This was my first time on such a tour. The atmosphere was very good especially on water. In the evenings we gathered around the campfire and sang songs. Dinners were very delicious and hearty."

Daniel Homlok - student from Hungary

Cheritah Laura

"It was challenging enough to participate in a canoeing tour with 10-12 year-old restless boys. I was excited about how you will handle 35 kids, but I shortly felt safe my little karatekas in your hands. Thank you for not only the professionalism with which you prevented every possible problem and organized the tour, but also for (especially for you Zsolt), that you were always kind and made my Team so enthusiastic. The guys made friends for a lifetime, I can't imagine any better team building programs. They didn't want to come home and can hardly wait for the next tour!"

Laura Cheritah - Kaisei KSE, Coordinating trainer

Hajdu László

"Although I had the chance to paddle many times in my life, I decided to participate in a tour lasting for several days only two years ago, persuaded by Zsolt. I like both nature and sports, so he convinced me easily that it would be an experience for a lifetime. He was right! Not only the wonderful landscape, but the paddling, camping, tenting and sitting by the fire in the evenings also urge me not to miss the next opportunity either."

László Hajdu - Csillagjáró Primary School, teacher

Nagy Attila

"I never thought that a canoe tour on the Tisza could be so comfortable. The guides always kept an eye on the safe travel of the Team. The food, accommodation, transportation all highly exceeded my expectations. I only had to care about my friends, paddling, angling and having lots of fun."

Attila Nagy - university student

Szabó László

"Thanks for the photos. It was amazing to watch and live through all those days. I have emerging feelings about each day. When I enjoyed it, when I was tense. I spent one week in the beginning of August with my family by a lake in Canada. We went for paddling twice a day with Andris. My wife couldn't believe that we didn't miss any opportunity. Next year we would like to come again. Thanks for the photos and the care once again."

László Szabó - parent

Marton Bence

"What I liked the most was that we did everything together and nobody was left out from anything. I also enjoyed that we excluded the outer world, the modern technique and everything contemporary, so it was a bit like a time travel. The great team made it even more exciting. On the first day, we didn't know each other, but on the last one we were friends. I think it was because of the many games, activities and fun we had together. In a word about paddling: you can't stop it once you have started."

Bence Marton - student

Szabó Zsófia

"In the beginning, I was a bit worried about how it was going to be: to go with a team without knowing anyone; paddling for a week which I never tried before. On the first day I realized I had nothing to worry about. Everybody was very friendly and helpful, especially when it came to putting up tents. Although there were many kids among us, the guides took care about them as well. The food was excellent and the campsites too. I suggest everyone coming who is not scared of trying new things."

Zsófia Szabó - student

DiFranco Mimi

"This is the best way, to camp by the water, you won't be bored! The guides and the kids are lots of fun, you will love it, I can guarantee!"

Emília DiFranco - student

Tatár Boldizsár

"For the first time in my life, I went for paddling with the Team of Evezzvelem. I was a little bit worried if it would be too tiring without any pervious experience. I have to tell you it highly exceeded all my expectations. Zsolt planned everything ahead in an unbelievably precise way and if something unexpected came, he solved everything fast. If somebody didn't watch carefully, couldn't even realize it. In spite of the fact that we had some occasional wind, I paddled better day-by-day and the atmosphere was going up, as the company got together. Zsolt is blessed with excellent emphatic and pedagogic skills, and what was useful in our case: he speaks the language of every age group. The many games and fun we had together helped to get the age differences disappear. I enjoyed myself very much with them; take my appreciation for the professional arrangement. See you next year."

Boldizsár Tatár - university student

Horváth Éva

"Before my first canoeing tour, I didn't even know that such amusement exists at all, but somebody took me and I could not escape. I can't imagine any holidays as pleasant and joyful. Imagine: gliding over the water, dipping in the paddle. Are you dying of the heat? Just melt you body in the river. Putting up tents, searching for wood. Singing, laughing, talking, sitting around the fire. I love it if my hair smells smoky! I don't like water insects, but when we were sitting on the riverbank, watching the stars I forgot everything. I got a touch of sunstroke, burnt on the sun; couldn't kill my joy. I canoed on the Tisza, Mosoni-Danube, Rába and Bodrog. Paddling with Zsolt is the best! I will never do it with anyone else!"

Éva Horváth - college student, marketing manager

Gáldi György

"Great camp, so cool! After getting up we have breakfast: a great social event, just like every meal. We put the tents together, pulling off, let's go! In ten minutes we warm up, while gliding over the cool, beautiful Tisza. We talk and sometimes make races among the canoes. When getting tired we hold together and flow with the water. The better adult swimmers can jump into the water. After we stop, for example on a sandy bank, play in the water, have fun and lunch. When arriving to the camping site we pack out, put up the tents and have dinner (so delicious food). I prefer illicit camping, it has a better atmosphere. We play the "war of numbers" and " monkey swing". The best of the best - what I cannot describe - the friendly atmosphere. The guides are cool, everybody can find their company. It is not like this: he/she is my friend and he/she is not, everyone is friend with everyone. Last day we played a real battle with the canoes on the water, which was unbelievable fun. One of the best thing that stuck in my mind: one morning we had no wood for making fire and tea, there were only willows around. Zsolt tied the axe on a rope and threw it on a tree for dry wood. He got enough for making tea, but the axe stuck on the tree and he climbed for it in an extreme way. Anyway, I can only suggest this camp for anyone longing for a waterside camp with a great atmosphere. Paddling is not difficult; there is an experienced navigator in each canoe. I will join them next year again. How about you?"

György Gáldi - student

Mári Áron

"I suggest everyone joining this tour because it is a great adventure in any way. I loved that we always had lunch on sandy banks and paddled romantic waters. Whoever likes water and fun (everyone does) shouldn't miss this camp!"

Áron Mári - student

Relchenbach Zsolt

"It was the third canoeing tour in my life and as I was never disappointed in adventures, I surrendered to the will of my old friends and decided to join. In contrast with my previous tours - when everyone was in their twenties - this time there were people from every age group.
On the train I was wondering if the younger ones were strong enough and how Zsolt would arrange the canoes, to be equally strong. In a few hours I stopped worrying, when he kept the first directing.
I could see that he came with us to help as much as possible and aims at the highest possible safety standards and to make and have fun with us. I didn't understand how he would enjoy it but later I realized that he thinks about it as a holiday, not as work and enjoys himself very much. I can tell that he merited the highest regard and sympathy of everyone, even the funniest bad boys, just like me. We all helped him and kept his orders. He kept the Team together and nobody dropped behind, unlike during my earlier tours with another group. I really enjoyed the tour, ate delicious food, played "the war of numbers'" and many other games, suntanned, had a lot of fun and laughing and for the pleasure of my girlfriend I became a bit more muscular
Two more things: the food was first class and plentiful, although me and some other mates can eat huge portions. The other one: we saw a kingfisher - an outstanding experience for me, especially because I was the one who first saw it.
Let me mention that Zsolt had helpers, thanks for them as well. Many other companies organize similar tours, but not with such a great atmosphere, they are more expensive and you cannot stuff yourself everyday, unless you buy extra. Above all: the guides aren't this highly responsible. We had our own trailer that transported our luggage, unlike other companies. It might sound commercially, but it is all true. Something good should remain good, I deeply hope it will! Next time I will come as well, unless I miss the train, but in that case I will hitchhike and catch you up guys!"

Zsolt Relchenbach - university student

Erős András

"I love canoeing and I am very glad that we will canoe again."

András Erős, Csillagjáró Primary School, student

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