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School trips and canoe touring?

vízitúrás osztálykirándulás vízi osztálykirándulás
vízitúra osztálykirándulás számhaború osztálykirándulás
osztálykirándulásunk osztálykirándulás
osztalykirándulás vízitúra osztálykirándulás vízicsata
osztálykirándulás Tisza osztálykirándulás Szigetköz
osztálykirándulás Mosoni-Duna dunai osztálykirándulás

We have been organizing canoeing school trips for several years for students over 10 years of age. Our motto is „switch off you mind” so the passengers and teachers accompanying have nothing else to do but application. We arrange everything else!
Our Club has been exclusively guiding school trips for years! References

For even half a day! At an affordable price!

What we can offer:

  • full organizing: accomodation, transportation, food, equipment, guiding and entertaining programme
  • Price according to your personal needs
  • We teach everyone to canoe
  • Hundreds of happy passengers in every season

For beginners, too! 75% of our passengers first canoed with us

Canoe touring unites factors that everyone knows and loves one by one: summer, water, lively programmes, good company, adventure, light sports, Nature and relaxation.

It offers an excellent opportunity to acquire camping and other skills, such as: canoeing, swimming in a river or lake, starting a fire, putting up tents and many more.
We aren’t that obsessive nomadic people who would force their will to others. We can sleep in huts and shower with hot water! See more about accomodation here

Within an hour from Budapest if you like – for even 80 participants

What matter us the most:

SAFETY - above all
QUALITY - in order to provide the highest quality we created Quality Standards
SPECIAL CARE - of personal needs
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION to preserve Nature as it is

Our experience spans from the Danube to New Zealand via the Mekong and Ganges.


Values of canoe touring

Gárdonyi Zsolt

Evezz Velem Egyesület - Address: Magyarország 1119 Budapest, Halmi utca 6/B. Tel.: +36 30 600 9782 E-mail: