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Zsolt Gárdonyi | coordinator, main guide

Gárdonyi Zsolt

Shall I write about the „great” achievements of my life?

About the fact that I am probably the first Hungarian to have paddled down the Mekong river, in a local canoe with as primitive of equipment as it possibly could be?

Or shall I write about my professional past or present? About the fact that I have done canoe tours for twenty-something years, and that there are rivers along which I really know each bush and pebble from close?

About having done rafting in several countries and having lead rafting tours, and that my habit is paddling a bit everywhere I go on Earth?

About adoring Asia, and having spent nearly one year there altogether?

Or shall I speak about our book, which explains a matrix of Hungarian language that describes human emotional realm, with extraordinary preciseness? This book was being written for four years, together with my fiancé Anita and with our friend, and it’s called The Hungarian Matrix of Comprehension.

I could tell you that during my college studies, I misunderstood economics because I interpreted it as „studies of economy to help people”. When I talk about me, I could say that I think The Universe-(al)ity is the upper education of travellers and I wish to tread the most possible part of it – or at least of Earth. I may tell you how much I have learnt about life on the path of Karate, since the nineties. Or how much I love stroking every single dog that I come across. I could also say that I am a Hellinger therapist (also called family therapist). These are facts, titles of status, habits – but these are not Me.

If I knew how to paint I would paint two pictures. The first one, like a shot from the air, would depict a curving river from the air. Each curve would be slighly different, some sharper, some milder. On the blue water there would be longish dots in a group turning through the curves. Water is flowing. My picture is both a map and a life-scope – makes us see the forms and the human emotions which feed forms with life. My soul picture is the river freely filling its bed, together with canoes and people on its surface, who make the wild friendly and cosy.

This is my first picture. In the other one the order is the opposite: first man and its inner realm. All that builds us inside: motivates, forms desires, loves, experiences, connects, understands. Feelings and thoughts, conscious and unconscious, shown and hidden. Depicts the still center of our being, just as well as our wavy emotional realm. My dream image is the precisely mapped inner human structure. This is what forms beautiful and harmonious surroundings.

To me, both pictures are the same. They unify in Man who flows freely in his bedding. The man who knows his inner realm in details, and chooses and creates his outer life accordingly. The Man for whom both realms are just as important because he knows: you may dream inside but dreams are for creating them. My task is to help this New Man with its birth, being one midwife among so many, as a tour guide, a therapist, an author, a traveller, a karateka and a mate. And it’s Me who desires all this.

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