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Canoe trip - accommodation

vízitúra költöztetés
tiszapart szállás naplemente
szállás a vízitúrán
függőágy kenutúra

OK, but where do we sleep throughout the canoeing trip?

We mostly camp – it is part of a canoeing adventure for us. We especially believe in nomad camping, but we don’t force it on anyone. During our canoing trips we spend about half of the nights in regular, real camps, the rest is nomadic camping, which may mean a sandy riverbank, a grass-covered field or the skirts of the forest.

According to your needs we can also sleep at campsites, A-frame houses, backpackers’, hotels, canoes or hammocks.

Why do we like nomadic camping?

  • Less people, higher chance of seeing animals,
  • Bigger, open space with beautiful sunsets,
  • No drunken party-animals,
  • When we party, we don’t disturb others,
  • No one occupies the toilet,
  • You don’t have to listen others snoring,
  • Getting off the beating track, but don’t worry: roads are everywhere, our luggage car can’t fly either

We believe that everything is the most convinient if we arrange it for you.

If you don't have your own tent and don't want to buy one either, you can rent one from us. New, double-layered, water-proof tents with two entrance for three persons in perfect condition. Price is only 3 EUR/night for a tent! Mattresses and sleeping bags for 1 EUR/night. More about equipment.


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