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(Not only) canoe touring experience

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We love water. Very much. So firstly, wherever we travel we always canoe a bit. For example in these countries:

Montenegro, New-Zealand, Israel, Slovenia, India, Thailand, Laos, Slovakia, Belize, Sweden, Hungary, Guatemala, Ukraine

Some data about the past 10 years, for those in love with numbers:

  • We guide canoeing trips on 17 rivers,
  • we may guide even 80 persons at the same time,
  • we had over 2500 passengers,
  • from 48 different countries of the world.

We have hosted 12 CouchSurfing canoeing tours since 2008 and welcomed over 500 guests during.

We love and got to know wild waters too, but our love is canoe touring.
Our guides come from many different fields of life and use their knowledge they acquired.
We are: accountant, mechanical engineer, fish caretaker, IT guy, architect, economist, geologist, teacher, retired, chemist, manager, horse whisperer and many others.

Zsolt executed the First Hungarian Mekong Expedition in 2006.

75% of our passengers are first-timers in canoe touring. The youngest one was a three-year-old girl, the eldest 70 years old from Australia.

Be it a few hours long tour near Budapest, 10 days on any Hungarian rivers or international canoeing tours, we are very much familiar with everything.

The above mentioned are facts, numbers, our past, but not the MAIN POINT. For us the main point is: HUMANS. Technical experience is important, but we think the real experience is the mature way of RIGHT LEADING of people.
Just like starting a fire: you have to know what wood to use, what kindling, where to put, how to do. But these are just ingredients. The point is what happens around the fire. Does something new come to life? Things that stay with you. Feelings you have never had before? So alive that you can recharge from them for months?
We think this is the only important factor to induce – and this is our REAL experience.

We know enough about rivers to show the way, encourage and protect you when necessary. That is why: canoe with us.


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Rivers of Hungary for kayaking and canoeing trips

Gárdonyi Zsolt

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