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Values of canoe touring

vízitúra tábortűz vízitúra értékei
kenuzunk kenutúrás csapat
HAKA vízitúra este vízitúrán
barátság vízitúra barátok vízitúra

What is canoe touring and who is it for?

We do our canoeing tours with four person canoes or one person kayaks. We have created the tours to suit the needs of “everyday people”, no matter if we talk about games, daily distance or food, places to stay or sleeping periods. We tell about the formation of the land and the river and guide everyone from kids to adults, team builders, youngsters and families as well. We put the main emphasis on safety and fun.

Rivers are unwalked highways so you meet certainly different things and experiences than approaching it from the banks.

Do we only canoe during the tours?

The canoes several times just hold on together and go with the flow. Many times the canoes hold together and go with the flow. We visit little river branches and islands, anchor at the best places and swim, have fun and delicious food.

Even though the program of our canoe trips are centered on paddling, still we have space for other things too. We canoe fight in the afternoon, you can learn the HAKA, the dance of Maori warriors, we play the guitar or Meta – a great game we teach you.

Why else is canoe touring so great?

Our aim is to develop every age group by the pedagogy of experience, providing opportunities to test yourself in a special environment so as to acquire skills necessary in everyday life while in Nature. Many situations during the tours increase confidence, independent thinking, courage and practical skills. It contributes to the strengthening of existing friendships and helps to create new ones. It improves communicational skills and working in team.

Oh, and it relaxes.. reforms… tunes… renews you.

Canoeing tours


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