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Food on your outdoor canoeing/kayaking trip

vízitúrázás rántotta vízitúra nutelláskenyer
paprikáskrumpli a vízitúrán lecsó tiszatúra
kenutúrás lakoma kenutúrán dinnyézünk
csirkepaprikás vízitúrán csirkepaprikás kenutúra

So what do we eat?
We provide good meals with big portions three times a day during our water holidays. We cook it for ourselves on open fire in a cattle. We prepare typical Hungarian meals such as Paprikas, Lecso or penne Bolognese, some mexican food and so on. Everything has been done before many times, you won’t be the test mice…

For breakfast and lunch we have: scrumbled or boiled eggs, rolls or bread with jam, butter, nutella (your choice), cheese, salami or cold meat, vegetables and fruits and many others. If you wish we prepare Canoeing Trip Salad, based on my granny’s recipe. Oh, and tons of watermelons.

The portions are always enough even for the "big guys".

In the evenings – let’s discuss beforehand - we roast sausages and bacon!

We also provide water cans and change the water for fresh as often as possible.
Drinks: morning tea, water during the day. If you have a tooth for mineral water tell us in advance.

And you can surely shop and cook your meals throughout the trip, but we just belive it is so much more simple if we do it.

We do serve meat during the tours, but if you are vegetarian (you can mark it on the registration form) we cook for you accordingly.


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