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Independent canoe or kayak touring in Hungary

vízitúrák nemzetközi vízitúra nemzetközi
nemzetközi vízitúrák nemzetközi vízitúra
kenutúra nemzetközi

We do organize canoeing tours, but you can also do it on your own with some previous experince.

If you choose to do it without guiding we can supply you with everything you might need, including know-how.

What we can surely provide you with:

  • canoe or kayak rental for even 80 passengers (or just 1),
  • life-vests and paddles at your size,
  • tent, sleeping bags, mattresses,
  • axe, cooking pot, gas cooker and cutlery,
  • waterproof plastic barrels as many as you want for you clothes and stuff,
  • river map and fully detailed English-language description of the specific river you visit,
  • everything else you ask for

We advise river, departure and finish point getting there information, book accomodation and whatever you need. Surely arrange the transport of the canoes/kayaks.

Longer tours to the countyside of Hungary

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