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Canoeing Tour on the Danube in Hungary for everyone with an international heart

Canoeing towards Budapest
Crossing Budapest by canoe
Danube Bend canoeing tour
danube Bend view
Danube canoeing Hungary
from Esztergom canoeing to Budapest
Girl with melon
guitarist guy on canoeing trip
Lunchplace canoe
Muddy canoeing
Water splash at canoeing tour

Canoeing through the majestic Great Danube Bend and Budapest!

Come and canoe the largest, safe river of Europe where it cuts itself through mountains and is the most beautiful: the Great Danube Bend. Then canoe on and cross the City Of Budapest, the capital that is divided by the river and is a gem of the Danube. World-famous UNESCO sites and fascinating bridges, see it like noone else: From the River!

Three days of canoeing, camping, sitting around the fire, swimming in the warm river, cooking, connecting and making friends, playing and having fun together. Friendly, knowledgeable guide and team with 20 years of experience.

This is going to be the 16TH TOUR IN 16 YEARS! Over 600 participants from 53 countries, see their references.

We take lunch on an island, play volleyball, canoe around other islands, swim in the Danube… GAMES: splash-and-capsize canoe fight, ninja, killer game and meta!

72% of the participants are beginners on our trips, we teach canoeing everyone!

PLACE AND RIVER: Danube, north of Budapest (between Esztergom – Budapest south)
The river is safe for everyone, still fast enough for carrying us, with beautiful campsites and islands.
See the largest bazilique of Hungary at Esztergom from the Danube!

Going to learn and perform the HAKA of the maori:


Date: 9 - 11 August, 2024 (Friday to Sunday)

Fee: 250 euro in total, ALL-INCLUSIVE from Budapest and back to Budapest (food (3/day), campsites, transportation tickets, canoes+equipment, pro English-speaking guides (4-5 pax), luggage-transport throughout the trip, organizing, Everything).
Early-bird discount: 230 euro till 1st April, 240 euro till 1st May.

Deposit: 100 euro – Terms and Conditions

Who are we (…the eternal question…)?

Our Experience spans from Hungary via the Mekong and the Ganges all the way to New Zealand!

Apply here

The application is only valid if you both applied on the link above and transferred 100 euro deposit to our account. Any early-bird discount is only valid with deposit plus application before deadlines.
Banking details

„The best week of my entire life” – Yosefa Krnwitz, USA

Feel the FUNshine!

Zsolt Gárdonyi host, captain

Gárdonyi Zsolt

Contact me

We also have a FB group, for chatting and seeing each other, but joining there does not mean application at all.
This trip was originally designed for the members of CouchSurfing, but with time it grew and now we welcome CS-ers and non-CS-ers likewise who are open for different cultures and people, no matter from where you found your way here.

If you are busy during this trip or would like to have a private canoeing tour in Hungary or just need a water vehicle - advice-organizing, get in touch with me!

Evezz Velem Egyesület - Address: Magyarország 1119 Budapest, Halmi utca 6/B. Tel.: +36 30 600 9782 E-mail: