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Canoeing tour – means of transport

vízitúrázni mentűnk
utazunk vízitúrázni a tiszára
kenutúrázni mentünk
dunatúra utazás
cuccolunk vízitúrán
csomagszállítás vízitúrára

How do we get to the river we are going to canoe and spend the water holiday?

We can ride a public bus, train, rent a bus, a car or taxi. Let’s see it in details:

Transporting of your luggage

We live in Budapest, so optimally meet you there at a train or bus station or in front of your accomodation. We transport your goods from Budapest to the river, along the canoeing tour and back to Budapest.


Fast, smooth, runs frequently
If you use public transport, that is mostly trains. With groups over 40 persons we can reserve an entire carriage for ourselves. Under 40 persons: a guide - well before departure - reserves enough space for all of us so as to travel comfortable. Generally we take second class.

Public bus

Stinky, runs rarely, sometimes crowded
As rails are not everywhere, we occasionally take buses. Usually this is just a second, shorter leg of the journey, from a train station to the riverbank.

Private bus

Flexible, pricey, exclusively ours
We happily arrange it if you pay for it. It does worth the comfort compared to any other means.

Private car

Comfortable, expensive, complicated (?)
If you are on a road trip we can arrange it. Meeting point is on the riverbank. We send you detailed „how to get there” information. At the end of the canoeing trip we transport you back to your vehicles. We do our best to find you a safe or even guarded parking lot.

Who organises?

We do persuade you to entitle us with organising of transport so you can relax. But up to you - we will detail it in the offer.


Canoeing tours


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