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Equipment for the canoing trip

Mosoni-Duna kenútura
Mosoni-Duna kenu
jókedv kenutúra
homokpad tiszatúra
felszerelés vízitúrához

What do we bring? How shall you pack?
We paddle canoes for four persons or kayaks, which we provide along with their transportation. Life-vests and paddles of your size and soft mattrasses under your bottoms. We transport all your belongings throughout the canoeing tour.

Besides we provide you with 5-10 litre water cans, waste bags and ropes in the canoe. Also one waterproof plastic barrel (30 litre size) where you can pack your stuff during the day: towel, T-shirt, sunscreen, etc.

Whatever you bring shall be in good condition, as damaged equipment makes your holiday a struggle. We use only immaculate gears and expect our partners (E.G. canoe rental companies) to do so.

What to bring:

  • Tent, pegs, sleeping bag, mattress;
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, T-shirt, hat;
  • Raincoat, rain pants (if you have one);
  • Plastic plate and cutlery, pocket knife, tissues;
  • Torch with extra batteries, mosquito repellent, swimming suit;
  • ID;
  • Shoes and sandals;

We have a first aid box that contains the following: rubber gloves, antiseptic gauze, Leucoplast, plasters, tissue for ear cleaning, scissors, bandage, Betadine, medicinal charcoal tablets, Voltaren cream and pills, Flector cream, Algopyrin, Rennie, Calcium Sandoz, Neocitran, Aspirin, Tisasen, Mebucain, B6, Deadelon, Neogranormon, Immodium, Fenistil, Demalgon.

If you take medicine regularly, don't forget to bring it! For example: allergy, asthma, diabetics, susceptibility to sun, etc.

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