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"Usual" schedule of a canoeing/kayaking holiday

vzitra hangulat vzicsata vzitra
tbortz Mosoni-Duna tiszatrs iszapemberek
szmhbor tiszatra kenutra majomhinta
frcsklds kenutrn

The program of course heavily depends on which river we canoe.

1st day: meeting around 8 AM in Budapest, arriving at the riverbank in 1-2 hours. Welcome and safety talk, putting up the tents, first aid instructions, test canoing and training of possible navigators. Then leaving ASAP.

2nd day: getting up at 8 AM, pulling off at around 10 AM. Stopping on sandy beaches, beach games, swimming, . Arriving at the campsite at around 5 PM, in this case the distance is 25 km. Putting up the tents, games, starting a fire, cooking, playing the guitar, etc.

From the second day till the last one the schedule is roughly the same, depending on the daily distance we have to paddle. We like to talk about important things of Life.

Last day: arriving at our destination at around 2 PM, getting on the train at 4 PM, arriving at one of the train stations in Budapest at 6 PM.

We paddle 20-32 km as a daily average and spend about 4-6 hours on the water, breaking it a couple of times. The distance depends on the speed of the river, the weather, your physical condition and the distance between the optimal campsites. We paddle 1-7 days, depending on the length of the sections of the river.

All that is written above can give you only a sketchy summary about the process of a canoeing tour, not reflecting well enough all the fun and joy we have, as finally we can recharge our bodies, souls and minds from Nature, forgetting the tiredness we accumulated during the year. Feel the FUNshine!

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