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Deres István | "Isti"

Deres István

My name is Deres István and I have always been a fan of nature. The first fishing trips on the River Hernád, long distance walking tours in the Bükk Mountains, exhausting marathons by the Bodrog and those biology classes - all made a huge impact on me. Currently I study environmental protection at the University of Debrecen. I like connecting active sport with living nature.

First time I took a paddler in my hand was on a rafting trip in Slovenia - since then I always make the choice of paddling whenever it is possible. I have been canoeing with Zsolt for two years; it is really an honour to be a part of Evezzvelem Tour Guide Team. My opinion is that canoe tours are the best biology classes for kids as they can get to know Hungary's varied flora and fauna, the wildlife of the rivers, and they can learn that there are other interesting activities than computers and television, and above all, all connected to the pleasure of sports.

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