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Hunor Szentmihályi

Szentmihályi Hunor

I'm Hunor Szentmihályi, a graduate student at the English Department in the Faculty of Humanity of Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Although I'm a philosopher at some degree, I do not despise, but rather desire sports and other excercises, and owing to my parents, I had the possibility to try nearly every sport. At the secondary school, I was able to merge myself in rugby, gymnastics and water-polo. I started to turn my attention towards martial arts during my university studies, i started to do Karate and traditional japanese swordsmanship: Iaido. Presently, I'm an active member of Grey's Scouts hungarian airsoft team.

The adoration of the hungarian rivers started around the age of 10, when we canoed through the Felső-Tisza, and that place have been one nice corner of my stone-heart since then. I have attended canoe tours regularly nowadays with my friends for 5 years.

I can communicate with the younger generation easily, I encounter situations regularly, where I'm responsible for them. At the secondary school, I was a preceptor-aid, and I help to organise the freshman camp at the university from year to year.

My unconcealed desire is to share the atmosphere and good experience of canoe tours to everyone, because it is one of the best leisure activity in my opinion.

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