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Zoltán Svébis | "Tiger"

Svébis Zoltán

My name is Zoltán Svébis, on the tours I am mostly called Tiger. I got this nickname in my childhood, referring to my activeness, promptness and strength. I was very young when I learnt to swim. I played football for two years and handball for seven years. Currently I do Thai boxing and I am also a member of the college football team. I try any other sports whenever I have the time.

As a pupil I took part in many tours not only in Hungary but also in the neighbouring countries, so camping a nature life is not at all unknown to me. At the same time I like activities that do not require physical strength such as chess. I learned to play chess at the age of five and in high school I won the championship unbeaten. Currently I study computer and I organize student activities.

I joined the Evezz Velem Team in 2007 and since then I have had no summer without paddling. I was flattered by exercising, the beauty of nature and by people as well as the opportunity to step away from the ordinary lifestyle, being able to return home as a satisfied and relaxed person.

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