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Gergely Patkó | "Pidzsi"

Patkó Gergely

My name is Gergely Patkó. I was born and grew up in Szarvas where the Körös flows. This means that water sports made a great impact on my life. It was on the Körös that I learned how to swim, kayak and ice-skate - when it took up a solid form.

I finished my high school and university studies in Szeged where the river Tisza also provided me with lots of experiences. It is an unforgettable memory how me and my friends were paddling above fences, surrounded by cottages, on the flooded river!

Later I moved to Budapest where after getting a job I met the Evezz Velem Team. Thanks to them I manage to break away from working weekdays and returning to Nature where I may show the pleasure of canoeing to the youth.

Of course I often go back to Szarvas as well to re-discover the well-known but not at all boring parts of the river.

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