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Péter Molnár

Péter Molnár


The society puts a ‘label’ on me that says Péter Molnár. I do my experience of living life among children during most of my time—I torture kids in an elementary school.

My primary task is physical education, and teaching about the past—which, by the way, does not exist--, or rather the lessons of it. In the afternoons I introduce the beautiful art of goalkeeping to goalies of a new-supply football team.

Apart from all these, what is the closest to my being is hiking and tours. In 2008 I tread Saint James Pilgrimage (El Camino). Due to my main hobby (teaching), a large part of my summer is free, and since Zsolt introduced me the charming atmosphere of canoe tours, I have spent my time not only on the hills and mountains but also on rivers and lakes!

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